I just looked up at the calendar and saw that the end of the month is just a few days away. [groan!] It can’t be! I have too much to do and too much undone!

Bleargh. I have a story that needs major revising that I really wanted to submit to Polyphony 6 (deadline Jan 31.) I’m going to hate myself if I miss out on submitting there, since it’s a good market.

I need to do some massive studying this weekend since I’m taking the Sergeant’s exam on Tuesday, and I have this feeling that I’m going to totally tank it. I’ve been going through the study guide for a month now, and it’s all just so damn stupid. It’s chock full of “management theory”–the kind of stuff that’s created by people who’ve never actually ad to manage real people in the real world before. Here’s an actual sample question:

A formal structure of authority for coordinating work units is most accurately referred to as a/an:

a. procedural plan

b. staff assignment plan

c. organization

d. schedule

I mean, give me a break!! How does knowing this make a person a better sergeant? There are a ton of questions like that, and so all a person can do is just try to memorize the answers they want, and hope that the questions are lifted from this book. Sheesh.

Maybe February will be better? Hmmm.. I seem to remember telling myself that “things would be better in the new year.”