Sunday night I noticed some red bumps on my thighs. I figured that some insectoid creature had feasted on me without my realizing it.

Monday morning I woke up to a full-blown case of head-to-toe hives. Sigh. Shit. I’ve been down this drug-interaction-allergic-reaction road before. I’m pretty well convinced that it was the antibiotic eyedrops that I’ve had to use since the Lasik. Antibiotics and I do NOT get along well at all, but I had hoped that I wouldn’t have problems with eye drops. Immediately discontinued use of said eyedrops and took two benadryl. Called eye doctor who advised that I cease using the offending eyedrops (yeah, no shit, sherlock) and then called in new prescriptions for me. Itching and hives subsided slightly after benadryl, but flared up a bit again in the evening. Took two more benadryl. Woke up at 1AM itching. Took two more benadryl. Woke up at 5AM to my alarm and duly noted that while the hives are somewhat less than they were the day before, they are most definitely still there. Took two more benadryl. Called my family doc to get a shot of steroid in the ass. Waited on hold for ten minutes. Gave up.

Used new prescription eye drops this morning. No hives yet, but instead have an ungodly bitter chemical taste in my mouth. I’m not sure which is worse, the hives or the taste.

Will soon try again to get a shot in the butt.

But at least I can see.