Well, I lost five pounds in a 24 hour period with the Stomach Flu weight loss plan. I’m pretty sure I prefer sweating my ass off on cardio machines for two weeks for the same result.


Last weekend my sister and I abandoned our families and escaped to the wilds of Washington DC for no other reason than to escape. We flew up very early Friday morning and flew back late Sunday night, and had a total blast. Once I get a chance to pull the pictures off of my camera I’ll post a more detailed entry. This is my first time to DC, for all intents and purposes. I have dim memories of visiting when I was around 7 years old, but since that was over 30 years ago, and the area has changed just a bit, I don’t really count that.


I’m on call this week, and Tuesday night I got called out to the scene of a “29U” (unexplained death.) We get called out to process the scene for most deaths (other than hospice), even if it’s pretty clear that there’s no foul play. This one was not all that unusual–woman had been sick, had not gone to the doctor, had died.

Well, except for the monkeys.

I was getting the rundown from the deputy on the scene before I went inside the house to start my pictures. He gave me the basic gist of what was going on, then added, “Oh, and there are three monkeys inside.”

My first reaction was wow, that’s pretty racist.

Then he said, “No, really. There are monkeys inside.”


“Monkeys. Yep. Like ‘Oo oo oo’ monkeys.”

So, I walked into the trailer, and to the left of the front door was a crib, and in the crib were the usual toys, blankets, a half-empty bottle, and curled up against one wall of the crib was a friggin baby monkey wearing a diaper. Down the hall were two large cages with monkeys in them. And all throughout the house were monkey paintings, and pictures, stuffed monkeys, monkey sculptures, monkey books…

These people sure did love their damn monkeys.


I’ve only worked out once this week, thanks to Anna being sick (ear/sinus infections), and then me being sick. I do not intend to work out today since my body is still a bit unsure about the whole “solid food” concept. I think I may just take the weekend of too, and start up fresh on Monday.


And, on Monday, I had my interview for the open Sergeant position in the crime lab. No idea when I’ll hear back on that, since any decision made has to be approved by damn near the entire chain of command.