I was packing my laptop up to take it to work this morning when I heard a weird sizzle-crack noise coming from the power cord. Upon closer examination I noticed that a portion of the cord had managed to become damaged and had lost it’s nifty plastic coating, and the wires inside were making pretty blue sparks. After I made it to work I tried swaddling the damn thing in electrical tape, but it was to nao avail–my power cord was dead. So, I squandered about fifteen minutes of my precious battery time in ordering a new one–paying for next day delivery–and then spent much of the rest of my morning getting a work computer up and running so that I could do various online things. Fortunately I do have a computer I can use as a backup. Unfortunately it doesn’t have all of the nifty software on it that I have on my laptop, most importantly photo editing software and the software for getting pictures off of my camera, so various pictures will have to wait until either my new cord arrives, or I can find a multicard reader somewhere in this place. Also, unfortunately, this means that I don’t have a computer to use at home, unless I want to use my husband’s, which is a complete piece of shit and one that I can only stand using in the utmost of emergencies.

I was also informed this morning that I did not, in fact, get the promotion to Sergeant. Sigh. Oh Well. Only consolation is that the person who did get it is totally deserving, and will do a great job.

So, here’s hoping that bad things aren’t going to run in threes this week. I’m really just not in the mood for it.

Somewhat halfway decent thing: Last week, during the various lectures at the death investigation school, I had the complete plot for a thriller/mystery novel form in my hard little head. My goal now is to write about a thousand words on it a day, which would hopefully give me a rough draft by the time I go to the WOTF workshop.