Thanks to the marvels of overnight shipping, I now have a new power cord for my laptop, which means I can cease rationing the battery life and actually post some pictures and stuff.

Unfortunately you only get three pics today since I didn’t have time to crop and resize all the ones I wanted to post.

So, here in all of its blue, black and green glory, is the bruise that the bench press shirt left on my arm. Actually, the shirt itself only left the thin red stripey bruises. It was the stupid “sleeves” that I’d put on earlier that were supposed to make it easier to get the shirt on (which, by the way, did NOT) that left the big blotchy bruise. Or rather, it was the attempt to remove them after they’d become stuck under the shirt that left considerable petechial hemorrhaging on my right forearm and the nifty bruise on my upper arm. (We finally got it all off by just taking the whole damn thing off and starting from scratch at getting the bench shirt on without the benefit of the sleeve thingies.)

The side effects of a bench shirt

Next up in the pics is the St. Louis Arch. This is the closest I got to the Arch.

St. Louis Arch

And, finally, this is my darling child on her Easter Egg hunt. It’s kinda hard to tell fom this picture, but the line of eggs on the ground is the trail she was leaving behind as she walked through the yard. She’d put an egg in her basket, and then as she went to the next one, she’d leave a trail of eggs as she allowed the basket to bump on the ground behind her. It was Too Cute.

Anna and the Eggs