I had grand intentions of going running yesterday morning, and even set my alarm clock for my usual 4:50am (which is how early I have to get up on the days I run in order to have enough time to run and then get ready for work and actually get there on time.) However, I missed the crucial step of turning the alarm ON and thus slept in until the positively decadent hour of 5:30 am. However, I think this was a sign that some Greater Being was looking out for me, because the workout last night turned somewhat brutal near the end, almost as if our kind and gentle coach was perhaps making up for the missed workout this week. Lots and lots of back exercises, then “light and fast” deadlifts–of which mine were neither light nor fast. Then we were going to go outside and do sled pulls, but it had been raining, and sled pulls (or truck pushes) are almost impossible on wet surface because you just can’t get any footing. So, instead we went into the aerobics room and did these horrific things called squat jumps across the room and back. Several times. We finally got chased out of the room by a karate class, so we went back over to the squat rack area and did in-place squat jumps, first with no weight, then with the 45lb bar on our backs–3 sets of 20. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever come to the Puke Point since I started training with Jesse. Ugh.

But I can’t argue with the results. I’m still steadily dropping pounds, and have finally broken through that darn 160 barrier that had been giving me fits for so long. Probably helps that I got good about my eating and overall diet again. And I’m running longer distances as well (4.7 miles on Tuesday!), and adding a few sets of intervals on the evenings that Jack puts Anna to bed. I have just a little over five weeks until San Diego! I’m also determined to get down below 148 by the next time I compete (end of September) so that I can be in a lower weight class.

I also discovered a way-cool website that helps you determine the mileage of a running course. You just drag your cursor over your course on the map and it tells you how far it is. Way easier than driving it, and it’s really convenient for planning out your running ahead of time.