On Saturday we took Anna to Global Wildlife, a free-roaming wildlife preserve. It was seriously stinkin’ hot, but Anna just utterly adores going there, and is fine with the heat as long as we keep pouring water over her. Unfortunately I didn’t really have the option of soaking my shirt in water… okay, I probably did have the option, but I think the others in our safari train would have looked askance at me had I done so.

This place is really terrific for kids because they can get right up to the animals and feed them. The zoo has far more variety of wildlife, but except for the petting zoo, there’s not much interaction. Jack has taken her out there several times before, but this was my first time.

Anna and the reindeer

Anna feeds a camel

Anna and Daddy

Unfortunately, we went rather late in the day (but not late enough for it to be cooler) and so the animals were kinda already stuffed full of food from previous tours. We never could get the giraffes to come over to the train, though Jack tried valiantly.

Jack tries to use his hair to call the giraffe over

But, even when I was doing some serious wilting in the heat, Anna was still having a blast.

Anna and Mommy

The last segment of the safari is the cows and buffalo (actually they’re bison and not buffalo, but everyone calls them buffalo, including Anna, and if you ask Anna what she saw at Global Wildlife she will screech, “BUFFFFAAAAALLLOOOOOOOOOO!”) The cows all have incredibly long slimy tongues, and I tried to get Anna to touch one of the tongues, but she wanted no part of that.

Anna is far stronger than I am when it comes to avoiding the cow tongue

These cows have serious tongue-action!