So, the lastest fashion trend in jeans seems to be “skinny jeans.”

I like two things about the linked article. First is the ad for liposuction that’s at the top of the page. The second is the advice for people who might be a teensy bit heavier than a balsa twig:

“Skinny is about a look, not about a waistline,” Jasmer reassured. “It’s about a modern way of wearing your jeans.

“If you’re a little bit fuller, you can balance it with the fall’s big chunky cable sweaters,” she said. “It gives you some nice balance. Or a terrific long tunic with a cropped pair.”

Because, you know, no one will ever guess that you have rolls of fat spilling out over your jeans if you swath yourself with enough bulkiness up top. Hey Sexy! Nice balance!

I’d like to know why the hell any sane designer would put forth a style that only .000002% of the population can actually wear and not look like horrible in. (Don’t answer that. Designers have a long and sordid history of putting forth fashion that looks like shit on everyone except Kate Moss.)

I’d also like to know if the skinny jeans come with a complementary bottle of ipecac syrup.