Conversation with Anna after picking her up from daycare:

“Mom! I’m hungry. Want some milk!”

“Okay, we’ll be home in just a few minutes and you can have some milk then.”

“Mommy! I want to eat pancakes!”

“Yummy! Do you want to eat waffles?” [note: we have waffles at home, but no pancakes.]

“No waffles!! Mom! I want to eat cars!”

“Okay. What color cars?”


“With tires or without?”

“No tires. Mom! I want to eat a fire engine!”

“What color fire engine?”

“RED!” [note: there is an unspoken “Duh!” here.]”Mom! I want to eat a house! Mom! I want to eat a dump truck! Mom! I want to eat a chair!”

(When we got home she drank 2 big cups of milk, ate three pieces of cheese, a bunch of grapes, and a big piece of avocado. And the night is young. I think maybe she’s going through a growth spurt.)