I’m continuing to slog through the rewrites of El Novel. It’s actually starting to gel together into something that might possibly Not Suck. I’m up late working on it since I know I’ll have zero opportunity to do so this weekend. I’ve completely given up trying to do any writing on the weekends. It just never works. Tomorrow I have another (and hopefully my last for a while) signing, this time across the river in Harvey. If I have any loyal fans from Harvey who read this (HA!), feel free to drop by the Barnes & Noble and say hi.

(I’m not going to hold my breath.)

And then on Sunday Jack and I are going to the Saints game, which is damn near guaranteed to be a fantastic time, especially since my sister (grudgingly) agreed to watch Anna while we’re at the game. I’ll probably need to write my Sunday entry early, just in case.

So, yeah, journal entry writing is the only writing that’ll be happening over the weekend.