Yeah, I missed yesterday’s entry, but, hey! My picture’s in this month’s Locus!

Not much else going on. I’ve been trying to teach Charlie to take a crap on the lawn of the neighbor I dislike, but it’s going slowly. Emma (the cat) has yet to kick his ass, but it’s definitely going to happen. He’s a wonderfully affectionate dog, but unfortunately, he thinks he’s a lap dog. And, as I expected, the brunt of dog-care has fallen to me, though I do make Jack do his fair share of dog-walking.

Work has been slow. Or rather, people keep dying and we keep doing autopsies, but the office-portion of my job is very slow. Most of the other full-time staff is off this week. Can’t blame them since we’re only scheduled to work three days this week anyway.

Christmas is over. Phew! Anna has finally stopped asking for more presents, though she still gets irate when she sees that the tree isn’t lit. I’m not sure how she’s going to handle it when we have to take the tree down. She might have to be relocated for that exercise.

I’ve been sitting her for five minutes trying to figure out how to draw this rambling, meaningless entry to a graceful close, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not going to be graceful, instead it’s going to be an awkward jostling shuffle just short of a pratfall.

Yeah, like that.