It’s pouring down rain, and has been doing so all day.

This delights me, even though the drive home from my sister’s house was somewhat white-knuckled. I’m hoping that the rain will continue tomorrow and through tomorrow night, for one simple reason:

It will save me the trouble of having to hose down my roof.

You see, fireworks/firecrackers are legal here, and every frickin’ year the next-door-neighbors (yeah, the ones I’m not so fond of) spend what has to be several thousand dollars on fireworks, and begin setting them off as soon as it gets dark. Miraculously, Anna sleeps through the unspeakable din, however, every year Jack and I are deeply nervous about our roof catching on fre from a stray firework. (And yes, there are always a few house fires on New Year’s Eve. Jack usually hoses our roof down once the fireworks start up.) Plus, every morning on New Year’s day we wake to a yard full of trash and crap from the several thousand dollar’s worth of fireworks that were set off next door.

So, if it continues to pour like the dickens, we won’t have to deal with that!