And this has been my traditional post-Holidailies hiatus wherein I manage to lose every single reader I gained during Holidailies…LOL. Oh well! Work got busy–not just with dead folk. I’m first and foremost the IT Manager, and we’ve been transitioning to a new report writing software/database. So not only did I have to get everything installed and configured, I also had to train everyone in how to use said software–which was a challenge considering the computer skills of some most of the people who work here.

So, anyway, here is the explanation of “The Bomber.” (Scroll down to the January 18th entry.)

Here is the music video of the U2/Green Day “The Saints are Coming.” I’m not a big music video person usually, but this one made me cry. Watch it all the way to the end. This is what it should have been like after the storm.

In addition to putting the blogging aside, I also had to put edits on the novel aside, but I think that’s going to work out for the best since it’s giving me a fresher perspective on the whole thing.

Charlie had to go back to the pound. I hated to do it, but he just didn’t work out. (NOT housebroken, destructive, liked to dash out the front door and run, and required far more attention than we (who both work full time outside of the house) were able to give him.)

I wish there was some way to sponsor a potential immigrant to make it easier for them to obtain a visa. I think it would be great if something were in place where if half a dozen people signed an affidavit or something vouching for the person and stating that they would be a positive contributer to the workforce and society in general, then that person could jump to the front of the line for a visa/green card/whatever.

That’s about it for now. Regular blogging will now resume.