This totally cracked me up: (Thanks to Miss Snark)

Far too true

Now that the novel is finished, I have been spending time doing much research into submission guidelines for various agents. I discovered that every agent wants something different. Some want a query only. Some want a query and one page synopsis. Some want a query and detailed synopsis. Some want query and 5 pages and a detailed sysnopsis. Some want a query and 50 pages and a detailed synopsis and a picture of your right butt cheek.

The picture of the right butt cheek I can handle, but boiling 90,000 words of a mystery novel with a bunch of twists and turns down into one page is proving difficult, to say the least. I have several different final products, and all of them sound bland and boring since I had to gloss over so much of the twisting and turning of the plot.

Maybe I can send a picture of Angelina Jolie’s butt cheek instead, and go with a page and a half synopsis.