There’s been a lack of it in my life lately. For some reason I’ve been waking up at 2:30 darn near every morning, and then I have a tremendous amount of difficulty getting back to sleep. I don’t know if anything in particular is waking me up, but I think I can’t get back to sleep because by that time I’ve had just enough sleep for my mind to start working again, so I end up thinking about all the things I need to do and I just can’t get settled again. And by that time it’s too late to take anything to help me get back to sleep. Ugh.

The workload at the day job continues to ramp up, and it’s going to stay that way for at least two more months. I’m in charge of anything to do with computers, networks, and telephone systems, and since we’re starting from absolute scratch, it’s been a complicated [expletive deleted] process. Complicated by the fact that IBM has been taking their sweetass time sending us our server. Also complicated by the fact that when you’re a governmental agency there are a zillion hoops to jump through when it comes to purchasing.

However, I’ve somehow managed to squeeze out some free hours here and there , and am well into the rough draft of book two, and have book three half-ass outlined. I sure as hell hope this thing sells, because I can see numerous books beyond those and I think this could be a really fun series. C’mon, a homicide detective who can summon demons. What more could you ask for?

Unfortunately, with all of these projects going on, the one area of my life that has suffered has been my workouts. I’ve regained a few pounds (arrrrgh!) so this morning I took advantage of my inability to sleep and got out of bed at 4:30 to go run. Now I just wish I was the kind of person who loses their appetite when stressed. Me, I stuff my damn face. Bah.