Yeah, we knew that the market was pretty darn soft, especially down here, but it’s jus tkind of funny (in a sick way) that right after we put this house on the market there was a HUGE front page article in the local paper all about how it’s becoming insanely hard to sell a house right now. And then there was another article in today’s USA Today on the same subject.

Fortunately, we don’t need to sell this house. We’re just sick of living here and want to relocate to the other side of the parish, and into a much nicer neighborhood. And by “nicer” I don’t necessarily mean “richer”. We just want to be in a neighborhood that’s more than just a subdivision–a place where we can go running right from our front door (instead of driving someplace else on the mornings we run), and a place where Anna can actually play in the front yard without worrying that a car will go flying by and clip her.

Now, it would be very nice to sell this house, because even with the soft market, we’re still looking to make a nice profit. Of course in a way it’s all monopoly money since we plan on flipping right into another house that’s similarly priced. However, with the sale of Casa Rowland Jr., we should have enough to put a nice chunk aside.

The one big advantage of having a house on the market is that it forces us to be neat. Holy Kamoly, this house has never stayed this clean for so long! Some things are a real pain though, such as never leaving even the whisper of a dirty dish in the sink, and always making the beds, including Anna’s (and I hate making beds. I think it’s a stupid waste of time. I mean, I’m just going to mess it up again the next night, right?) and emptying the trash every frickin’ day, and mowing the lawn every other day (Ugh!).

Jack’s comment on the whole thing was: “The first thing we need to do in the new house it put it up for sale. That way it’ll stay clean!”


We put an offer in on our second choice of houses today (and it’s hard to think of it as a second choice since we’re feeling more and more like we dodged a bullet with the first one–it definitely had “Money Pit” potential.) We’re predicating the offer on the sale of this one, so everyone send nice real-estate thoughts this way!!