I’m mind-crushingly busy again, but it’s all good. I’m ultra-motivated on the writing front now (gee, wonder why?), so I’ve been staying up late all week working on the revisions on my book, and today I emailed the revised MS to my agent. Heh. My Agent. I guess someday that will roll effortlessly off of my tongue without me feeling like a complete imposter.

And now I’m diving into Book 2. Actually Book 2 was already dove into (er.. dived? had doven? hmmm.. whatever) and I received the crits of the first three chapters at my monthly writers group last night. There are several changes that need to be made, but I’m just going to set them aside until I finish the whole thing. By the time I get done with the book I may end up chucking all of that work anyway. I know that the original first chapters of Mark of the Demon don’t exist anymore.

And then we’re also getting geared up for the big installation of the Big Software that I went to Phoenix last week to learn about. That’s going to be a helluva job, so the next couple of months are going to be slammin’.

But despite all of that, Jack and I are tentatively planning a weekend trip to New York in late September. I’ve only been to NY once and I luuuuuuved it, plus it would be kinda cool to meet my agent.


Nope, still feels weird to say it.