I finally got the chance to read HP#7 over the weekend. Yes, it was worth reading. Yes, I think she rushed the ending. ‘Nuff said about that since there still might be people who’ve not yet read it and still wish to remain unspoiled. I’m actually shocked that I managed to delay reading it for a week and still managed to not have it spoiled in any way.


And some of my friends have books coming out now! Daniel Abraham’s novel, A Shadow in Summer is out in mass market paperback. If you had the ill luck to miss reading this in the exquisite hardcover version, then you are now fortunate enough to be able to spend a mere $8 and read what I believe is one of the most elegantly written new fantasies of this century so far. The second book in the series, A Betrayal in Winter comes out in August, and it is one of the few books that I will have no problem buying in hardback.

Also, Tobias Buckell’s novel, Crystal Rain, is out in paperback, and the next book, Ragamuffin, is out in hardback. Caribbean Science Fiction! What’s not to love?