Okay, so I’m realizing that a goal of 50K words on a novel is MUCH different than 50K words of short fiction. Feel free to disagree with me, but short fiction is a LOT harder to churn out words for than long fiction. Each word has to mean more, and so I find myself not able to just type and type and let things flow out. Instead I have to think about what’s going on, or at least about what the basic goal/premise of the story is going to be.

So, no, I’m not coming anywhere near my daily goal of 2500. In fact, unless I break down and “cheat” by diving into a novella, I seriously doubt that I’ll make the 50k words. However, I’m still certainly coming out ahead, because I have the starts of 18 different stories now, with about half of them more than a page in, and three of them in definite signs of Progress. I’m still making myself write at least 100 words on any story that I open up to look at. I’m just glad that I didn’t set a goal of X number of stories completed, because I think that I’d be extremely discouraged at this point if I’d done that. At least with this method I can still feel like I’m accomplishing something, even if it’s not what I’d originally planned.

But, heck, the month is only a third gone. I may suddenly get an inspired flash on a story or three and churn out a few thousand words.