Big Things might be happening on the House Sale front, so keep fingers crossed that a precarious chain of buyers and sellers will be willing to exchange large sums of money at approximately the same time.

The weather here has entered that wonderful cool-and-less-humid phase which makes living in Louisiana very much worth enduring the summer for. I went out at my usual insanely early hour this morning to run, and was delighted to find that I was almost cold. It was perfect running weather, and I cranked out 3.7 miles without misery.

I also recently added Rogue Trader’s Voodoo Child to my MP3 player, which is a really fantastic song for running. HUGE bonus points to the first person who can say why that song would be extra-cool to an uber sf-geek like me.

(Okay, you really have to be a nerd to know that one without major googling.)