Even though my stomachy-thing didn’t involve nausea or the other, it still took me a bit over a week to get over it. At one point I was actually starting to wonder if it was something other than a virus, such as an ulcer, or my gall bladder, or acute pancreatitis, or stomach cancer, or an alien being growing in my abdomen. (I googled the symptoms on all but the last one. I didn’t think that WebMD would have much about aliens in one’s tummy, though I guess I could have gone with “intestinal parasites” or something like that.)

However, it all seems to be over now, though my stomach now seems to be about 1000% more sensitive to NSAIDS and the like. I have come to the unpleasant discovery that any OTC drug that is effective against a garden-variety headache has the side-effect of ripping your stomach lining out. (If anyone knows of an OTC that does not rip stomach lining out, please educate me!) So maybe it was some sort of virus-induced mini-ulcer. [shrug]

Anyway, World Fantasy Con is approaching quickly. Yay! I looked at the membership list and about fell over at the size of it this year. Apparently absolutely everyone in the known universe who is even remotely associated with writing/publishing/agenting/editing SF/F is going to be there.

I hope the con hotel has a big bar area.

In writing-ish news, the rewrites on Book2 continue at a nice pace, though I ended up ripping out a plot thread and having to rewrite about 30K words. I’ve also been making some notes on the side for another book I want to write at some point. When that point would be I guess would depend on how well my Demon series does or does not do, but I wanted to at least get my thoughts on it jotted down.

Hoo boy, this it turning into one of those “yeah, whatever” blog entries.

Okay, in closing I’ll give a boring update on my eternal quest for improved fitness. I’ve increased my running distance to about five miles, though it takes me so long to run those five miles that I have to reserve runs of that length for the weekends, otherwise I would have to get up at 4am. (And I already get up at 4:30!) And the weather down here is finally in the Frickin’ Gorgeous phase, which makes the running a whole lot easier.

All right, y’all have suffered enough so I’ll end this. In the next week or so I’ll be posting an article on “How To Network at Conventions Without Coming Across as a Pathetic Loser,” so stay tuned.