I’ve been mulling over whether to plan on going to Worldcon in Denver this year. I haven’t been to a Worldcon in… a long time, probably close to ten years. In the past few years my available time has been limited, and thus I’ve been forced to essentially pick THE best con for my wants/needs, which has ended up being World Fantasy Con. However, I’m sorely tempted to shoot for Worldcon and WFC this year, especially if my book sells.

Anyway, I went to the Denver Worldcon website and looked around at membership cost and hotel information, and then came across this nugget of information.

We will, however, be sharing facilities with the John Deere convention and the American Statistical Association.

I have this incredible mental image of a con-goer in full Klingon regalia standing next to a redneck in a flannel shirt and a ballcap.

Oh yeah, I have got to see this. I’m definitely going.