Me: “I’m filling out the questionnaire for [school] for Anna, and I can’t remember some of the stuff they want to know. Do you remember how old she was when she first started talking and using full sentences?”

She: “Gee, why don’t you look in her baby book?”

Me: (waits for the laughter to susbside) “No, really. Do you remember?”

She: “Why would I know that?”

Me: “Okay, you’re a pediatrician. What’s normal?”

She: “Oh, wait, how old was she when she got tubes in her ears?”

Me: “One.” (In fact, her surgery was on her first birthday.)

She: “She started talking right after that, remember? She barely talked at all before the tubes.”

Me: “Right! We were afraid she’d never learned to talk.”

She: “About a month after the surgery she was spouting off in full sentences. And she hasn’t shut up since!”