Yesterday was spent with me running like crazy from wakeup to go-to-sleep. My side of the family had dinner and presents at my house, which meant that the morning was spent in a frenzy of cleaning and cooking. Then a couple of hours for eating and present-opening, then rushing to church to squeeze into the kid-friendly service–the one service of the year where I don’t feel guilty about the noise my kid makes because there are three thousand other kids making noise. (Actually she’s quite good in church, and I’m probably hyper-sensitive to every little sound she makes.) By the time church was over and we made it back home, I barely had the energy to forage leftovers for myself and the kid, and so I gave myself a christmas present and allowed myself to miss a day of blogging yesterday.

Trust me, it wouldn’t have been very exciting anyway. Probably something like, “Yeeearrghhbluuurblebuddabababammmftth!”

And to be honest, today’s is probably not going to end up being much more exciting than that, though this morning was delightful as we watched Anna revel in Christmas Morning present-filled goodness.

The afternoon was spent with my husband’s side of the family which was enjoyable, but just as exhausting as five step-kids, five step-grandkids, as well as various other family units can be. Yeah, I’m whupped. I’m almost relieved to be going back to work.

Okay, that last was a lie.