So, now I’m supposed to write some sort of meaningful and thought-provoking end-of-the-year post, one that sums up 2007 and all of its ups and downs, and one that reveals my hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Screw that.

December 2007 has been busy and stressful. Okay, so in the great grand and glorious scheme of things it hasn’t been all that horrifically busy and stressful, I suppose, because it’s been good and productive, but some time ago I read an article about managing stress, and one thing stuck with me: Good stress is still stress. Life can be going exactly how you want it, family can be wonderful, job thoroughly satisfying, etc, but if your day is crammed full and scheduled to the hilt, you’re still going to feel the effects of stress.

This month:
we got an offer on our house after six months on the market
the people who had offered to buy our buyer’s house pulled out
we stressed about losing the buyer
the buyer decided to suck up two house notes and go ahead with buying our house
we got the engineering report back on a house we were interested in. Major foundation repair needed. Nuff said.
shopped for a house
shopped for a house
every fricking afternoon after work and every weekend shopped for a house
found a house we LOVED
found out it was a pre-foreclosure which meant that it would be a short sale which meant that we had to get things done FAST
found out that since it was a pre-foreclosure that the buyer was desperate to get anything he could get which meant that he wasn’t going to counter on our already low offer
started the process of getting our house cleaned up and packed up
worked on edits of Blood of the Demon
oh yeah, had Christmas in there as well with five stepkids, five stepgrandkids, one mother, one sister, one brother-in-law, one niece, one nephew, one husband, and one daughter
missed four Holidailies entries (I think it was only four? Maybe five?)
continued to work my ass off sorting through and packing all of our acquired crap
said goodbye to 2007, which was actually a pretty darn good year overall

See y’all on the other side of the turning of the year. I hope that those of you who came here because of Holidailies will continue to check in every now and then. I have a feeling 2008 is going to rock pretty damn hard.