I’m having an extremely crapolicious week, nicely topped off by the contract on the new house that has blown up in our faces, thus forcing us to do a commando house hunting session last Saturday. (No, we were not “going commando” during the house hunting. We were fully clothed the entire time.) We did find a house, (nice house in the same neighborhood, but we won’t be getting the huge bargain that we were getting on the other one) however it looks like the chances of us being able to close on it before we have to vacate our current premises are somewhere between are-you-f**king-kidding and what-are-you-smoking.

There is still a nightmarish amount of work to be done with packing/cleaning/tossing all of our possessions, all of which needs to be finished before Sunday so that i have time to clean this place before handing the keys to the new owners. I am also extremely fed up with the guy doing our loan, but at this point it’s too late to start over with someone else. I am more stressed out than I think I have ever been in my life. Yesterday I had a thirty minute crying jag in the car on the way home. I need some stability NOW.

And, on top of all that fun, a friendly little head cold decided to come by for a visit yesterday. Gee thanks.

Oh yeah, got a bounce on a short story in the mail yesterday. Sigh.