I finally had the chance this weekend to start getting the Lair set up. I managed to get a fair amount of stuff up into it by virtue of the creaky and dangerous elevator (which I rode up once and then vowed to never do so again,) but more sizable items such as my desk and chair required a trip to the hardware store for a pulley. (I was hoping to buy a block and tackle, but damned if I can find a place that sells them locally.) Fortunately my desk is not heavy and the single pulley was sufficient. (I’ll hopefully get some pics up soon.)

So now I have a seriously cool writing space! This is an extra good thing since I started a new book a few days ago, something quite a bit different from my usual writing (and far more mainstream) but so far really cool and interesting and which definitely draws on my experiences in law enforcement. And to add to the coolness, I managed to put down almost 6k words over the weekend. Go me!