Huge thanks to everyone who has posted congrats (and also to those of you who didn’t post it and who merely thought it, and even to those who gnashed their teeth in envy and shook their fist at the skies and shouted, “Why her and not me? Why her books and not mine?! WHY?!” because, you know, I’ve totally been there and I get it. Seriously.)

My to do list has suddenly changed for the next few months. A few days ago I was making great progress toward my goal of having the thriller draft finished up by the end of April, but now I have an honest-to-frickin-god deadline imposed by someone other than me to finish up the second book in the demon series. Backed up with the threat of money. How cool is that!! And the other cool thing is that book 2 is 90% done already! (Actually my first deadline is for the revisions to Book1, but until I get my editorial letter I’m going to jam on the sequel for a while.)

I’m also still trying to come up with a decent ‘name’ for the series. I’ve tried out The Demon Chronicles, but that really doesn’t capture the police-procedural aspect of it. Must. Ponder.

So, for those of you wondering about the books, here is the summary of Mark of the Demon that I put in my query letter to my agent:

Kara Gillian is a homicide detective with the rare ability to summon demons–a talent that becomes unexpectedly crucial to her investigation of a series of murders in the small town of Gallardo, Louisiana. Kara soon realizes that the killer is also a summoner, one who is seeking to gather enough arcane potential to summon and bind a Demonic Lord in order to gain nearly unlimited power. However, Kara has her own unexpected and intimate encounter with this Demonic Lord, and is–not so willingly–marked as the Lord’s own. With the aid of an FBI agent who might be more than he seems, Kara must stop the killer and keep the Demonic Lord from being summoned, all while defying the same Lord’s demands that she call him to this sphere–an act that would make the phrase, “Hell on Earth,” seem tame

I also need to do some major updating/improving of my website, though I did carve time out this morning to change my “Projects” page to show that MOTD had sold.

Yeah, I’m still swimming happily in the utter coolness of it all.