I’ll be flying in to Denver sometime before noon on Wednesday, and, according to the pocket program, I am currently scheduled for the following:

Friday 1PM
SF in CSI: What’s possible. What’s imaginary, & what’s economically feasible
CCC - Room 505
A panel of experts discusses the science and economics of CSI. What is real, what might be real soon or with large expenditures, and what is pure fiction?
(m) Colin Harvey, Cordelia Willis, Diana Rowland, Henry Stratmann, Perrianne Lurie

Saturday 10AM
Clarion West Student Readings, the 90s
CCC - Room 604

Erm, I seem to be the only person listed under this time slot, and it looks like there’s nothing else scheduled for the room until 11:30. Gulp. If you plan on attending Worldcon, please do consider coming to my reading? Please? I’ll be reading the first chapter of Mark of the Demon, and possible more depending on interest. And I’ll have chocolate!

Also, I was merrily skimming through the pocket program and stumbled across this:

Saturday 1:45 PM
CCC - Hall D
Signing (45 minutes)
Diana Rowland, Jeanne Stein, John Miller

Erm. I have no idea what I’m supposed to sign, but I’ll be there, and if anyone cares to stop by I will once again have chocolate!

Other than the above I am fairly free (except for breakfast on Friday.) If you see me, please come and say Hi!