I’m sick of my hurrication. I was sick of it yesterday. We’re all tired and stressed and sick of being squeezed into a hotel room together. We’re pretty much out of clean clothes, and this hotel doesn’t have laundry facilities. Nor does it have working internet in our hotel room. It’s supposed to have free ethernet internet, but it crapped out our second day, so I have to go down to the lobby every time I want to get online, which has made it a pain in the ass to figure out our travel arrangements. Our flight out on Tuesday was cancelled, so we changed it to today. Now it too has been cancelled, so we’ve changed to a flight that gets into Gulfport, MS. It leaves at 3:30 and gets in a 9:30. Nearly a four hour layover in Charlotte. With a four year old. Our car is at the New Orleans airport. I’m behind on my revisions. I’ve gained weight. I don’t want to look at my American Express bill.

On the other hand, we’ve been assured that our house is intact. I’m more than ready to see for myself.