That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Some of you may recall my ongoing struggle to get anyone to come and take down two rotten (and large) pine trees in our back yard. Twice I had signed agreements, and checks written for obscene amounts, and twice the people failed to show (and subsequently failed to return repeated calls.)

This morning I had every intention of calling out yet another tree service to try and get the damn trees taken down, because I knew that I was rapidly approaching the point where the big tree that I was really worried about would be too rotten to climb and take down piece by piece. I knew that it would need to be taken down in this manner, because it is right next to the golf course, and I knew damn good and well that there was no way on god’s green earth that the golf course owners would take kindly to an enormous dead pine tree being dropped onto their precious green.

This morning I was sitting in my living room, checking my email, when I saw workmen in my back yard.  I saw that one was carrying a chain saw and my first thought was that this was one of the tree companies who had bailed on me earlier. So, I hied myself out the back door, girded for battle, and then see that not only are there men with chain saws, but there’s a backhoe/tractor thing in my back yard, and several trucks parked on the golf course. ON the golf course.   I changed what I was originally planning to say, and instead inquired politely what was going on?  It turns out that the BIG tree is right on the border of golf course property, and so the golf course is taking it down.  They whipped out their chain saws, shoved the backhoe against the tree, did some cutting, and then plopped that big ole tree right down onto the lovely green.

You can see how rotted the tree was.  I’m still in shock that they came and took down this tree that I was so worried about–saving me not only a bunch of headache and grief, but also at least a thousand dollars.  This is the second time that Jack and I have been exceedingly lucky when it comes to tree removal.  We must have been amazingly good people in a previous life!