I spent the entire day offline, other than occasionally looking at my blackberry to see what mail came in. Does that count as being offline? Hmmm.. maybe I should say I spent the entire day off of my laptop. Except for now. So, it really wasn’t the entire day. It was all day until 7:30 p.m.

Anyway, you get the idea.

The reason for me being off-laptop–despite being home all day–was the fact that I was hosting the Christmas party for my local writer’s group. We have a good house for parties, and the house was still fairly clean thanks to a small football party last weekend. However, I’ve been feeling pretty lousy most of the week, so I put off most of the party prep until this morning. I also had every intention of getting a Christmas tree before the party, but with the combination of the snowy/sleety weather and my general feelings of bleh-ness, getting the tree got pushed into the category of “Things I’m not going to kill myself over.” Besides, at least a third of the members of my writers group are Jewish.

And, in fact, not a single person made any comment about our lack of the tree, so I’m glad I didn’t exert any sort of extraordinary effort into procuring one in time for the party.

Everything else about the party went quite well, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I’m leaving the cleanup until tomorrow, and am now going to bed early. :)