In yesterday’s post I mentioned that, for various reasons, we’ve been putting off getting a Christmas tree. Today we finally had a few hours of uninterrupted time, so we got into the car and trekked on down to Lowes.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are still ten days until Christmas, yes? Why, then, were there a grand total of six scrawny trees that would have made the Charlie Brown tree look like it belonged in front of Rockefeller Center?? We were stunned. We knew that we could still find decent trees at some of the big tree lots, but one pays through the nose there.

So, we went inside the store to look at what artificial trees they had, and encountered Shock #2: All of the Christmas stuff had been put up into one shadowed corner and marked at 50% off. I kept thinking that maybe it’s because Christmas keeps starting earlier and earlier, so therefore they must end it earlier as well? I mean, did they go ahead and have Christmas already and just not tell me?

However, we went ahead and took advantage of the 50% off deal, and picked up a decent quality artificial tree. I don’t have too much against the fake trees, as long as you understand that they do eventually need to be retired and only have a realistic lifespan of a few years. (Yes, Mother, I am looking at YOU who recycled the same damn fake tree for at least twenty years until it was a pathetic construction of rusted wires and scraggly needles. :) I mean, srsly!)

But, really, what is the deal with Christmas stuff going on sale before Christmas? How can everything be over when I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping?