This morning:

Husband picks up the picture of the dog: “Sure is a nice-looking dog.”
Me: “So, babe, how many times have you scooped the cat boxes this past week? You know, after your promise to me that you were going to scoop them out every other day?”
Husband: “Um.” [brief silence] “Once.”
Me: “WOO! GAME, DIANA! Go Me! Go Me!”
Husband: “Did I mention that this dog cleans cat boxes too?”
Me: “Nice try. Now admit your defeat.”


Part one of the other cool news is that yesterday’s blog entry was selected as a “Best of Holidailies.” Way cool!

Part two of the other cool news is to be found at Fantasy Book Critic, where some very nice things are said about Mark of the Demon.

Yeah, I’m smiling.