The minutiae:

Spent some of the day cleaning the house. Since we’re having the ENTIRE clan (all sides and extendeds, including an ex wife and her family) over on Christmas, I’m trying to make the place look like the Nice House it has the potential to be, instead of looking like a clutter bomb went off in here–which is how it usually looks, especially if I let my family actually come inside.

Did some more and various shopping today, and also stopped at the coffee shop and managed another 1700 words. I’m finding that the coffee shop is a nice change of pace from my Lair, but I don’t think I could handle working there all the time. However, with all of the errand-running I’ve been doing, it’s the easiest solution right now. I think I’m on track to finish the incredibly shitty first draft of this book by the end of this year, but I can already see that the edits are going to probably take longer than it took to write the draft.

The miscellaneous:

I am utterly nerdly in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender. I am so glad I have a kid, because otherwise I might never have known about this show. It’s billed as a kid’s show, but man, it has some awesome worldbuilding, incredibly deft writing, and complex themes that can challenge adult viewers. And, all of the “bending” is very martial arts based–and very well done, as well–which gives me a total nerdgasm.

However, I realized that I was probably watching too much “kid” TV when I recognized that the voice actress who plays Azula on Avatar is also Sam on Danny Phantom.

Nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd. :)