I made Turkey Soup today! And it’s good! [g]

This was a pretty big accomplishment for me because a) I’ve never been much of a cook, and b) I didn’t really work from a recipe. I did look online for some tips on how to make turkey stock, but other than that I mostly went by what I thought would be good. Last summer I started getting serious about learning how to cook–or rather, learning to be comfortable cooking. Six months later I’m not any sort of top chef or anything, but I’m pleased that I’ve managed to absorb enough of the basics of how things go together and what works that I could pull off cooking soup completely from scratch. Go me!

In a very marginally related note, I’m watching Superstars of Dance right now. The ability to dance is another skill that I lack, but at this point in my life I doubt that there’s much that could be done about that other than perhaps some ballroom dancing, or some mediocre improvement in rhythm. And I’m cool with that. However, I love watching really skilled dancers, and so far this show seems to be pretty full of them.

And Freaky Robot Guy? Wow. Just wow.