The scene this morning at the bus stop: mothers shoving their little darlings onto the bus, then breaking out into spontaneous song and dance. “They’re back in schoooool! Oh happy daaaaayyy! Hooray hooray!”

I made chicken with artichoke hearts for dinner tonight. Major yum, and healthy too! I think I’ve spent less than $50 to feed the family for at least a week, which pleases me.

I’ve become addicted to the BBC show, How Clean Is Your House. It makes me feel absolutely terrific about the state of my own house!

I’ve realized that I need to get a P.O. Box for writing-related author-fannish mail stuff. Never thought about it until I started getting requests for writing-related author-fannish stuff that required mailing.

I think the Kid grew half a foot in the past month. I’m going to have to stop feeding her. Either that or she’s going to have to get used to all of her pants being capri-length.

Google alerts is telling me that Mark of the Demon is starting to appear on peoples’ Amazon wishlists. Now that is just too darn cool.

Speaking of Mark of the Demon, I can now say that my book will be out this year. Whee!