I realized recently that I’m going to be attending quite a few events this year. So, if you’re absolutely dying to see me in person, I can be found at the following places in the next few months:

March 7, 2009
I’ll be one of four writers teaching a writing workshop at the Barnes & Noble in Metairie, LA. I’ll be teaching Goals, Motivation & Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction, starting at 10am. The entire workshop will run from 10am to 3pm. (For more info, contact the Metairie B&N.)

March 20-22, 2009 Coast Con XXXII, Biloxi, MS
I’m still not on their website, but the programming chair assures me that I’m scheduled to be a guest.

April 22-26, 2009 Romantic Times Convention, Orlando, FL
This is my first time attending RT, and I have this awful paranoia that I won’t know a soul there. I guess I’m going to have to put all of my lectures about meeting people and networking to good use!

July 23-26, 2009 San Diego ComicCon
This will also be my first time at Comic Con, but at least at this one I’ll be able to find refuge at the Bantam Spectra booth.

There may be others added later, but these are the ones that are fairly set in stone.