For all of my talk about how to network, and how to make friends, and how to work a room, I have to confess that I still tend to come away from conversations with people I admire/respect absolutely certain that I’ve said something that has convinced them that I’m a socially inept boob whose presence is something to be endured and whose departure is a reason for sighs of relief and high-fives of celebration.

Seriously, I’ve never claimed to be sane.

Anyway, Gena Showalter was signing books at the Borders in Metairie on Monday, and since I happened to be on that side of the lake for my writer’s group meeting I decided to swing by and meet her. Besides, she’s been high on my list of authors whose work I want to read (especially lately since I’ve been on a paranormal romance bender), so I figured it was fortuitous. She turned out to be a truly delightful woman with a great sense of humor and I had a marvelous time talking to her. I told her that I had a book coming out this year, and I was even able to show off my awesome cover art (since I’d brought a couple of flats to my writers group.) She oohed and aahed, we chatted briefly about writing (oh my god, the woman writes a chapter a day! I’m in total awe of that kind of production!), and then I bought one of her books and headed on home.

And, of course, the entire way home (45 minute drive) I agonized over our conversation, utterly certain that any number of my various comments had been insulting, or that I shouldn’t have mentioned my forthcoming book, or that all of things that I’d thought were witty and interesting were, in fact, boorish and dull… So, Ms. Showalter, if I did happen to say anything that was offensive or just plain uncool, I sincerely apologize!

Hello, my name is Diana, and I’m ridiculously neurotic! *g*