Okay, yeah it’s a Sunday, and I was still awake at 5am. WTF?????

My signing yesterday was AMAZING!!!!!! Over 60 books sold, and many of those were to complete strangers who had no obligation to buy it! :D Seriously, huge thanks to everyone who showed up, and enormous thanks to AnnaMarie at Barnes & Noble who went way above and beyond to give my book and the signing some awesome push. I’ll try and post some pics later on as soon as I can come up to breathe a bit!

In other book-related news, I just received my revision letter for Blood of the Demon, so everything is chugging away nicely on that front as well. The release has been pushed back one month–it’s now February 23, 2010. Sorry about the delay, but it’s for some very cool reasons. (And yeah, I’m going to pull one of those, “It’s cool and I can’t talk about it!” things. [g])

Also, I was “Dame for a Day” at the Deadline Dames yesterday. But instead of deadlines, I talked about death, so stop on by and check it out! Plus, I’m giving away two copies of Mark of the Demon to random commenters! The giveaway ends at midnight tonight (Sunday, JUne 28th), so hutty on over!

In non-book-related news, in a few hours the family and I will be driving to Florida. The Spouse is attending a conference, and the Kid and I are tagging along to die in the blistering heat to enjoy the sun and the sand. Actually, since I have revisions to work on (and a tight deadline), the Kid will probably end up enjoying some of the childrens programs that the resort offers while I hunker down in a corner with manuscript and laptop. Ah, the glamour!