During a recent search for loose change, I found a usb drive that contained a picture that was taken at a martial arts seminar I attended about seven years ago.

I look waaaaay too serious here, and this picture is in serious need of captioning. Best one wins an autographed copy of Mark of the Demon! (And yes, this is open to readers outside the U.S. as well :) )

ETA: Contest will close next Monday, September 14th, at noon (Louisiana time), at which time entries will be judged by a motley group of people with suspect opinions.

ETA #2: Captions can be serious, funny, lolcatty… anything goes! (Unless it’s something that’s just plain skeevy/gross/creepy, at which time I reserve the right to delete said skeeviness without prejudice.)

ETA #3 (sheesh!): If you already have Mark of the Demon, I’ll put you down for an autographed copy of Blood of the Demon as soon as I get copies!