I went to Petsmart this afternoon to buy a proper dog-sized crate for Wolf The Poodle. (We’d been using our cat crate, but the dog has doubled in size in just three weeks, and the poor thing was getting a bit cramped in the old one.) After cringing at the price, I finally ended up picking out a Giant Crate that would be big enough to hold Wolf the Poodle after he’d reached full growth.

As it happened, I also needed cat food, but since I can usually get it cheaper at the grocery store I only got a small bag. The guy at the checkout scanned the cat food then went to scan the barcode on the crate, but since it was so big I had to manhandle it into position for him to use the wireless scanner. While holding it in place I joked, “I have a really big cat!”

Without missing a beat he replied, “Then you’ll probably need to buy a LOT more food.”

*dies laughing*