Today’s attempt to see Princess & the Frog was far more successful. The crowd at the theater was light (possibly due to the Saints game) and we managed to get in with no wait and score The Kid’s favorite seats (at the VERY top of the theater[g].)

And, I have to say that I’m incredibly pleased that there’s finally a Disney princess who isn’t a vapid idiot who needs rescuing by her Twu Wuv! In fact, both characters were three-dimensional, flawed, and fell in love after [gasp] getting to know each other. Adorable, and with a really admirable message of “Believe in your dreams, but, yeah, it takes work to reach them.”

(I was also quite relieved and pleased to note that the accents were actually accurate!)


The Kid has a “Look and Find Marvel Heroes” book, and keeps asking me who the various characters are. I’m quickly discovering my limited knowledge of the Marvel pantheon of heroes and villains. Sigh. I feel so inadequate.