Well, I was on a roll with the holidailies goal of posting every day, and I even had an entry ready to go last night, but then we had a gigantic thunderstorm which played havoc with our internet, which rendered posting impossible.

Oh Well. I’ll just post twice today.

My goal at work right now is to Work My Ass Off and get all my shit caught up by the end of the year. Yeah, I know, you’re supposed to work your ass off every day anyway, right? Yeah yeah yeah. I’m a hard worker and I get my normal workload done in a reasonable length of time, and I get good results and positive feedback. But this double workload has the potential to totally kick my ass if I don’t stay on top of it. Fortunately my Lt totally understands, and he even told me that he was really pleased with how well I’m staying afloat after being slammed last week. He must have told me six times, “Call weeks aren’t usually that bad! It won’t always be this overwhelming!” I think he was afraid I would go postal. :) But, really, as a “training” week goes, I couldn’t have asked for a better week. It was a major crash course where I was thrown into the deep end, but I now have a solid comfort factor in my ability to handle pretty much anything on my own now. The only case I havn’t handled is a rape, and I’ve already told my Lt that if I get one of those the next time I’m on call, I’ll just call him out to come help me. [g]

After work I dashed over to the Slidell house and managed to get all but one section of the floors painted. Unfortunately I have this sinking feeling that the carpet squares that I ordered are not going to get in on time. Kelly is moving in on the 23rd, and I think they’re going to arrive the week after. Bah. Only good thing is that with the carpet squares it’s not the total end of the world if the furniture is already in the room when we go to install the carpet. We can just shift furniture around as we work, unlike regular carpet where everything has to be moved out of the room so that the carpet can be kicked in properly.

I’m also still on the hunt for some sort of handyman to take care of some simple maintenance issues. Oh, and I need to get a AC/Heater repairman out to get all of that stuff working again. I know that the AC unit is going to have to be replaced since it took 18 inches of water. Hopefully the issue with the heater is a minor one and will not require replacement of the whole damn thing.

I also need to go see how much new cabinets would cost, since the ones that are in the house now are seriously butt-ugly.

Yes, that sound you hear is me beating my head against the wall.

I went and visited Mom in the hospital yesterday. I think she’s going to be getting out on Friday.

I still have done absolutely Nothing for Christmas. We have no tree, no decorations, no presents. I have not taken Anna to get her picture taken with Santa. I have sent no Christmas cards. I have not even cleaned my house to the point where people could come over. I have done absolutely Zero Christmas shopping. And, I am sick of people saying, “Oh, do it all online!” Yeah, well that still takes a certain investment of time. These entries are written in fits and snatches of stolen time. Plus, I’d have to stop and figure out just what to get people.

And, someone close to me (not my husband) is a selfish, self-centered, insensitive, stubborn clod. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me as much as it does, but it does.

I’m tired. I’m blue. I’m frustrated. I’m ready for this year to be over.