I think our next door neighbors must have spent well over five thousand dollars on fireworks. Yep, America’s Most Wanted is filming in our crime lab today. Anna is 10 months old, and I still haven’t lost all of the baby weight. I really should know better. The other night Jack and I were getting ready for bed, when suddenly Jack said, “What was that!? Something’s flying!” I have found that when I actually have interesting stuff to talk about, I have little or no time to sit down and do a journal entry about it. We had this camera lying around forever, so the pictures on it span several months. I was working on costumes at the theater with my sister and Kat, when my phone gave the beep that told me I had a pix message. All of my family is safe. Telling a 17-month-old to “hold still!” while I try to get her shoes and socks on. Well, it turned out that our neighborhood was pretty attractive to a lot of trick or treaters, which was a good thing since I seriously overbought on candy. My energy level, that is.