I’ll be throwing odds and ends together to try and make a journal entry that is palatable.

This week flew by. I worked my ass off getting caught up on reports. Just today I wrote four computer forensic reports and closed out two cases. I have four vehicle burglary reports left which, once tackled, should only take me an hour or so to complete. The homicide will take longer, since there’s so much more evidence to process. On Monday I’ll probably score some overtime since the detectives want to do ALS (alternate light source) on the two cars that have been seized, and that can only be done at night since there’s too much light in our bay area during the day from the doors and skylight.

I brought Mom home from the hospital today. That went well and I only managed to break two laws.

Polyphony 6 opened for submissions yesterday. I have a story that I’ve been letting sit for about a month, and hopefully next wek I’ll get some time to pull it out and start doing some work on it.

Everyone is sick. At home, at work, and everywhere else–everyone has this incredibly contagious cold. It’s not a particularly bad cold–only about three days of real misery–but the only people who aren’t sick are the ones who’ve already had it.

Needless to say, Anna is sick as well. She woke up with a snuffly nose and cough, so I did what any caring, loving, nurturing mother would do: I dosed her to the gills with Tylenol Cold & Cough and packed her little butt off to daycare. This evening my sister gave her a couple of healthy slugs of Dimetapp, which had the added benefit of sending her right off to sleep about six seconds after I buckled her into the car seat to go home.

I keep having to remind my husband that he doesn’t have to watch the commercials if he’s watching a Tivo recording.

I’m hoping to get the rest of the painting done at the other house this weekend. Actually, if I could get it cleaned up and cleared out so that it’ll be ready for Kelly to move in–except for the stupid carpet squares that probably won’t be in on time–I’d be thrilled spitless.

Okay, stick some corn flakes on top of this thing and call it done.