Well the potato itself would be the fairly boring task of continuing to clean/paint/organize the little house. I took a bunch of measurements today for blinds and new cabinets, and I’m hoping that tomorrow I can go to Lowes and pay for all of that since tomorrow is the last day of Louisiana’s state sale’s tax “holiday.” Personally, I think it’s a retarded idea (the sales tax holiday), but hey, I might as well buy the big ticket items when I can save a buck or three.

I’ve also decided to take Thursday off of work so that I can finish all the miscellaneous cleanup/fixup at the other house.

Sour cream: Anna is definitely stricken with the cold that is going around. Mostly this has just served to make her unspeakably cranky. Though it was pretty hysterical to watch her wander around somewhat drugged after I poured a bunch of kiddie Dimetapp down her throat.

Cheese: Jack and I told each other what we want the other to buy them for Christmas. We don’t do very well with “surprise” gifts, since usually we tend to go ahead and buy things that we want. It’s just kind of a fluke that this year both of us have something that we want that we haven’t bought.

Chives: Managed to get a Christmas tree up, thanks to my sister. We tried to go find a decent fake tree last week and discovered that we had waited too long and all the decent ones were gone. But then my sister told me that she had one still in the box at her office from last year, and so we now have squeezed yet another aspect of the holiday season into our house.

Bacon bits: It’s Jack’s turn do bath and bedtime with Anna tonight, which gives me time to actually write this entry.