That made for an extrememly upleasant week. Not that I didn’t already have enough to deal with.

There wasn’t really much nausea… and the umm… lower end of the intestinal tract was acting up, but not outrageously. No, the worst part was that this shit fucking hurt.

Holy crap. I mean, I like to think that I’m not a big wimp about pain. After I had my c-section I only used about half of my percocet prescription. I mean, I have a black belt. I’ve broken bones large and small. I’ve had over seventy stitches for non-surgery-related incidents. I’ve been smacked in the face hard. I’ve even been friggin stabbed, fer chrissakes.

But this shit fucking hurt. Felt like weasels trying to claw out of my stomach. Monday I felt lousy but I toughed it out and went to work since it was the last day of the pay period–the pay period where I’d already racked up nearly 40 hours of overtime. (And, if I called in sick I would only get straight time for eight hours of that overtime.) All I can say is Thank God I have a couch in my office..

Tuesday I could barely get out of bed. I stumbled around in a semi-fetal position to help get Jack ready for work and get the kid dressed, and once I had them both packed off I collapsed on the couch. That night I took a percocet (one of the ones left over from my c-section.) That allowed me to get a whole three hours of sleep. I toosed and turned the rest of the night. (Shoulda taken another damn percocet.)

Wednesday I felt a bit better and went back to work. Again, spent much of the day working from the couch in my office. That night the weasels returned to trying to claw their way out. Took another percocet, then one more right before bed.

Finally woke up Thursday (yeah, today) feeling faintly human. Heck, I even ate real food! A little bit, anyway. :)

Didn’t go to work today, either, but that was because I spent the day over in Slidell doing last-minute fixups and cleanups to the house that Kelly will be moving into tomorrow. I didn’t get everything done, but I got enough done that it won’t be awful for her to move in. (The biggest thing was getting the heater fixed!)

So, my tummy is still kinda tender, but I think I will not have to resort to chemical assistance to get to sleep tonight.

Oh, and I still have done essentially NO Christmas shopping.