Or maybe it’s my gallbladder. A Doctor In The Family theorizes that perhaps the intense pain I was experiencing was the passing of a stone. Anyway, it’s slowly getting better, though I’m still pretty uncomfortable, and it’s worse in the evenings. But I have an appointment with my doctor for next wednesday. My biggest goal right now is to NOT be in the hospital for Christmas.

Like I FUCKING have time for this. Blah. At least I got the house ready for Kelly to move in yesterday. And my Christmas shopping is done. But being out of work for a couple of weeks because of gallbladder surgery would be a seriously BAD THING right now. We have one tech who just quit, one who is pregnant, and one who is going to the Academy in two weeks–which is why I was trained to do crime scenes. It’s only going to be four of us rotating call for the next three months, and I think my Captain might stroke out if I have to be out of work for any length of time.