I went to bed a bit after 9 last night, and I slept until 5:30am!

I know, this doesn’t seem all that late to most, but my usual wake up time during the week is 5am, and this week I had wake up calls from Dispatch at such wonderful times as 3:30am, 2am, and 4:30 am. 5:30 was heavenly late.

Unfortunately, the exhaustion of the rest of the week coupled with having to be out in the freezing-ass cold weather most of Friday morning pretty much finished off my immune system, and the cold I’d been fighting off finally got through and has taken up eager residence in my sinuses.

My call week ends at midnight on Sunday, which means that at the time of this entry I have 28 hours left. Not that I’m counting.

I went over to my house in Slidell today and spent most of the day painting. Every time the phone rang I cringed, but fortunately none of the calls were from the radio room. However, the house is slowly starting to take shape. There are still a number of renovations that I would like to do, but I only have two weeks until Kelly moves in. My next priority is to get the carpet and flooring in. Once my call week is over it’s going to be easier to get stuff done. And sleep. Oh yeah, sleep.